Applegate Insulation
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Applegate Insulation
1000 Highview Drive - With manufacturing locations
in MI, PA, GA, KY, WI, LA, CO, AZ and Ontario
Webberville, MI  48892
United States
Phone: 517-521-3545
Fax: 517-521-3597
Toll-Free: or in the USA 800-627-7536
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Company Description:

Applegate Insulation specializes in truly Green, Environmentally, and Sustainable Insulation products.

Applegate Cellulose Insulation is a premium cellulose insulation renowned for its low dust, magnificent fire resistance properties, superb sound attenuation and outstanding coverage. With eight manufacturing plants across the USA, Applegate has more cellulose insulation plants in the USA any other manufacturer, and a 40+ year reputation of innovation, integrity and dedication to customer service. Applegate offers not only quality insulations but installation equipment, insulation supplies, as well as installation training, sales training and technical support.

Applegate Insulation produces several Loose-Fill and Stabilized Cellulose Insulation products which contain over 80% recycled content, qualify for many LEED points and are third party tested to ensure compliance with all relevant government specifications and standards. The Applegate Guaranteed Energy Savings Program (AGES) provides a manufacturer guaranteed energy savings program for existing homes for 4 years!

Applegate Insulation sells and services contractors and distributors worldwide.

• Applegate Stabilized Cellulose® contains dry adhesive, that, when activated, locks in place and virtually eliminates settling and dust. Applegate’s proven Spray-In Insulation System is founded upon this insulation and is compatible with wall-spray, stabilized attics, and applications between floors.

• Applegate® loose-fill is a high-performance insulation for attics, floors, retrofits and dense packing.

• Applegate Advanced Stabilized™ is a stabilized cellulose insulation with a high-borate formulation that delivers the same great insulating power and safety that all Applegate Insulations carry.

• R-Value® stabilized and loose-fill cellulose insulations are specially tailored for small machines and retrofit applications such as weatherization work.

Applegate Insulation products are warrantied for the life of the premises in which they are installed.

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