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Applegate - Greenfiber
1000 Highview Drive
Webberville, MI  48892
United States
Phone: 517-521-3545
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Applegate • Greenfiber, the largest manufacturer of cellulose insulation, is at the forefront of insulation technology; continuing to lead the way with innovative products and solutions. With seventeen manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada, Applegate • Greenfiber believes that your home should feel like a sanctuary, a safe space for you and your family to just be. That’s why we are committed to offering insulation that does more than regulate temperature – it brings more peace, quiet and comfort to a house while supporting the health and well-being of those who call it a home. Applegate • Greenfiber products reduce sound power by 60%, equalize temperatures from room-to-room and qualify as fire-blocking materials.

Applegate • Greenfiber is also committed to stopping global warming and climate change through locking up carbon and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Our products are made with 85% recycled paper which keep carbon locked in for the life of the product. Along with our low-energy manufacturing and short-haul transportation, we are committed to sustainability and investment in a decarbonized economy.  In 2022, Applegate • Greenfiber will remove 140,783 tons of carbon dioxide from the air

Respected for our commitment to satisfying their customer’s unique insulation needs, Applegate • Greenfiber has a dedicated team of customer service representatives that offer support, as well as a technicians across the country that provide installation and equipment training. Applegate • Greenfiber has long been the first choice for professional installers that are looking to deliver unparalleled value and comfort to their customers, all while ensuring defect-free installation every time without callbacks. Contact us today for all of your insulation needs.

 “Our goal is to build a more comfortable world by providing something that has become increasingly harder to find – SANCTUARY®.”



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Applegate’s proprietary 2-hour firewall, Type 1 SAFE, (UL W305) is listed along with 27 UL fire rated assemblies. Type 1 SAFE uses only one 5/8” sheet of gypsum board on each side of a common wall, which provides a cost-saving fire assembly for multi-family housing/commercial buildings. It has a STC Rating of 58. (ASTM E-90 full-scale testing at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory.) See UL W05 at For a list of the 27 suitable building fire wall assemblies for Applegate Insulation see UL Fire Resistance Directory, file R39273 (CCAZ product category code).


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